The Enchanted Forest

Welcome to the 2015 Halloween season. Each year we pick a theme for our displays. Some years it’s been gore and some years it’s been color. This year we are doing something different. We had hundreds of visitors last year. I think we gave away nearly 100 pounds of candy in only a few hours so this year we are upping our fun factor. We are creating an Enchanted Forest. In the center we  built a “Spirit Tree” and I have provided all the instructions you will need to create your own.  Surrounding that tree we are creating little scenes that you might expect in and Enchanted Forest. We have a Witch caught in a cage, a huge spider that is wrapping up a naughty Tricker or Treater, Woodland creatures that are out having a good time.  There are over 50 projects you can make and enjoy so come back often as the season progresses.

Our building season begins in June and normally doesn’t end until after Halloween.

Crafting Skills

I have added a few quick flash cards that will show you skills that can be applied to many different projects. Alone they are not meant to create a project. Once you master each one you can mix and match to create anything. You know you are a true Crafter when you look at something and find yourself taking it apart in your mind and figuring out how to make it better.

Some of my crafts here on Happy Halloween teach a full craft and some are meant to be skills lessons on how to take it to the next level.

How To Create Texture


How To Make Blood Drops


How To Use Casting Plaster
Working With Great Stuff Foam